Super Anti Aging Neck Duo (2 Neck Product Set)
Super Anti Aging Neck Duo (2 Neck Product Set)

Super Anti Aging Neck Duo (2 Neck Product Set)

The SkinPro brand is a science inspired line of products from our leading cosmeceutical scientists designed for skin care, anti-aging, blemish removal and other common skin issues. Our staff of specially trained pharmacists developed these formulations with proprietary technology to provide a unique combination of active ingredients that treat skin problems at their source and provide long-term results.


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If used with our Microcurrent Skicare device - results could show within 10-14 days.

Research and development is the most important objective at SkinPro. These products feature scientific breakthroughs that feature some of the most advanced and award winning innovations in skin care science. Clinically tested with proven results, these products represent the cutting edge of cosmeceuticals are designed to be of the highest strength and efficacy in their category, while also formulated with safety and sensitivity in mind. Whether you’re looking to revitalize and rejuvenate your skin, take years of wear and tear from aging and external factors, or treat unsightly blemishes, SkinPro has what you need.

The Medical Grade Skin Care family of products combine the most powerful ingredients at the highest available concentration levels to deliver results quicker and more effectively than any other alternative on the market. The state of the art formulations in this brand are at the cutting-edge of the skincare science to diminish the appearance of even the most stubborn and resistant skin issues. Whether it be the inclusion of pharmaceutical grade anti-aging peptides to smooth out wrinkles on the skin’s surface by attacking them at their source, or the addition of human growth factors to revitalize the skin and repair years’ worth of damage from the sun and other outside elements, or medical-grade concentrations of collagen and other boosting agents to return the skin to a younger and more supple form, these products are formulated at the highest strength to quickly target common skin issues and provide long lasting effects.

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